My Most Important Kitchen Gadget

My favorite tool in the kitchen would have to be my water distiller. As our bodies are 70% water it is essential that we get enough water daily to clear out our kidneys and to allow our brain to function at it’s optimost best.

No more dragging heavy containers of water home from the store, no more wasteful little water bottles to add to our environment. Any one seen the huge pile of plastic bottles in the sea? The biggest is in the North Pacific sea and known as the Nth Pacific Garbage Dump. More waste dumps are being discovered in the Atlantic Ocean & The Indian Ocean. Lately the North Sea is having it’s own small dump.

The table top distiller I have does not take up a lot of room on the bench, but as I use it every day I have it on my bench. It does not take up room under the sink or need a plumber to install it.

The distiller boils the water in the tank at the bottom & evaporated steam collects in the top & travels down a pipe to the collection jug.

The residue left behind in the bottom tank is stinky thick mud like coating. It is very hard to remove by just wiping it out but about a cup of white vinegar left in the bottom for a little while, and scrubbed with a brush lightly will remove all of the residue.

Do you ask “what about the minerals in the tap water we are missing?” Well you don’t need mud & rocks to receive good minerals. Plants absorb water and are able to break down inorganic substances & give it to us to absorb. That is why it is so important to consume fruit & vegetables, that’s where we get our minerals.

If you are not great vege eater, you can get concentrated minerals from your Health Food Store. I have bought minerals from the sea, which are really helpful to the body.

Water in itself is helps to remove toxins & waste from the body. It is a great weight reducer if you just drink water for 12 hrs. and then next week going for 18 hrs. This won’t distress your body like going for a day or more. The first time you try, go from last meal at 6 pm no more food till 6 am. This is really easy, you could do this for a week and not be stressed. Next go from your midday meal to no food till the morning. All the time drinking plenty of water, your clarity of thinking will expand, and your waist-line will reduce.

Now I’ll talk about bottled water. A lot of bottled water is from the tap but undergoes extra filtration.

This may not eliminate the toxic elements in the water such as fluoride or chlorine, mercury, arsenic, lead and bacterial contaminants. It just tastes better and costs way more. It is fairly difficult to see where the water is coming from. Some say from well water, mineral springs etc. Can you believe it?

Hard to prove.

If you decide to filter your own water, remember one has to change the filters regularly, otherwise you are running water through yucky filters.

I myself use a jug filter to re filter the water from the distiller. The distilled water has a slightly metallic taste to it and the jug filter removes it completely. I don’t know if it is just my cheaper version of a water distiller but it is not to my liking.

Hope I haven’t put you off completely with my description, it is just what I have found. Water distilling is important to me and I have found a way to have my perfect water, to my taste very cheaply.

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