Ideas of How to Organize Your Kitchen.

When you first move into your rental, it is hard to make room for all your kitchen gear. I know, I had boxes of things I left unpacked because I couldn’t find room for them.

I use a Turbo Oven for just about everything, but I have had to store it away from the bench, and lug it over to the bench when ever I need to use it. It is faster than the oven, cheaper to run, and easier to clean. The oven in this house is very poor, I couldn’t use it to bake cakes or bread. A bread baking appliance would be good, but they are quite big. As you don’t use them every day it would need to be in a low cupboard and moved up to the bench to use. I have used one and found them quite wonderful, but this place we moved to is too small to consider buying a new one.

This is a corner shelf I added to my kitchen bench, it is really useful and takes up less space.


The Colander takes up serious space, and I had two. The grater, awkward shape, doesn’t fit well inside of anything. Tongs, they really mess the space up. Finally, I put them in a jug on the bench together with spatula, egg flipper etc. Awkward things like tongs would be better hooked over a line of stretchy wire. This is a great little trick. Attached behind a cupboard door, you can also use the line to store your pot lids. They slip in and are held in place by their lid handles, but the wire needs to be really tight for lids.

You can buy a proper lid holder that fits behind the cupboard door, some are hooked over the door and some must be screwed in. These are also great hooked over the bedroom door for storing your handbags.

Mixing bowls need to fit inside one another, plastic storage containers can either be stacked with lids on or inside each other and lids stored in a long plastic basket. Some plastics are not always used, so choose what one you regularly use and the others can either be disposed of or stored in a plastic garbage bag and hung in the garage or some place where they won’t be a nuisance. I held onto things I only use for Xmas, but they just got in the way & made me lose sight of the containers I use most.

Cups & saucers, mugs & glasses. The best way to store cups & mugs is to drill cup hooks under the shelves and hang them there, leaving space for saucers & glasses underneath. There are racks that can be purchased to store cups on top and saucers and bread plates underneath. This is what I chose to do as I am not good at drilling under shelves. I know there are mug holders that sit on the bench. If you have the room for them they certainly store a lot in a small space. I didn’t have room for mine so now I hang jewelry from them.

Mug holders are good for hanging your earphones on as it stops them getting tangled. I also have a couple of head phones I use for my computer so it keeps them handy and safe.

Now your plates & dishes. Here again I have purchased racks, a corner one for the plates and a long one to put small dishes on top and sweet dishes & soup bowls underneath.

Salad bowls take up a lot of room. Decide if plastic ones will serve you better, they can be stacked without chipping, however if you want to have a large ceramic bowl for family gatherings pop in a small piece of bubble wrap then you can put another breakable inside that. Trifle looks so good in glass or crystal, it seems a shame to hide them away, but they only collect dust. I’ve had gifts of lovely crystal & glass, I’ve kept them for a time and now decided they have to find a new family. After all I have heat-resistant dishes for pies etc., they needed the space.

Now when it comes to your electric appliances you have to decide what you use most to put on the bench, the rest under the cupboard. My bench top is full. I have a water distiller, jugs of distilled water, a juicer (which I use a lot) electric jug, & cooking implements in a jug. Behind the sink I have put my detergents, disinfectant & spray & wipe, next in line is a container lined with a plastic bag for food scraps, finally a drainer for my cutlery.

hanging kitchen tools is best


Under the sink I have a rack for my chopping boards & keep the pet food here as well. Next to the sink in an awkward cupboard that one has to just about fit ones whole body in just to get to the far end, I’ve put my electric blender. I used to use it for blending soups, & grinding coffee, now I find a hand held blend stick easier and a hand held mixer for whipping cream. They both store easily in a drawer. Now in the easier area of that cupboard I store extra cleaning chemicals & washing cloths in a basket along with scrubbers & rubber gloves.

The drawers. Well they can become a nightmare. Top drawer cutlery & sharp knives. I have two cutlery storage baskets, one on top of the other, & I slide one back to access the bottom one. I have seen great cutlery storage keepers that extend and I will look into that. It looks like I need to be strong and sort out the gear I am not using.  Showing below is a tidy cutlery drawer.

The junk drawer under is where most folk keep sizzors, gadgets and funny things they use once in a while. Mine is so full it jams with something caught under the top of the drawer. Here again a little time on clearing out what is not in use. Valuable as they may be, another trip down to the local second-hand store to donate I think.

I must look into some new kind of storage, there have been some great innovations over the years. I have been a good customer of the catalogs that are dropped into my mail box and have bought things that turn out to be more trouble cleaning them than just using a knife or grater.

Getting to that grater & colander, I believe one can get collapsible ones, wouldn’t that be a winner? 

Next drawer I’ve put the cling wrap and other tear off papers, also garbage bags & freezer bags & twisty ties.

Next drawer is nearly my tool box, although I keep the beater & blender there I also keep sticky tapes of all kinds, glue, freezer pen markers, hammer, picture hooks & a couple of screw drivers.

Where do you keep tea towel & hand towels you ask? Well I have a small buffet cupboard and I keep some in a drawer there. As I don’t have many cupboards I was lucky to find enough room for the buffet. I keep good glasses here, vases, a stack of candles & essential oils for my burner.

Well I’ve rambled on a bit, but hope my dear reader, that you may get a good hint that will work for you.

Till next subject.






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