First things to check when you view a rental.

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My reason for addressing this subject is there are a few things to be aware of before you go down the track of taking a lease on a property.  You can be annoyed at something you didn’t recognise, and that could be for a whole year.

There some great gadgets that can be purchased to make life easier on you, but first check out below.

I first of all check that the property has double sinks in the kitchen. If not then you are resigned to having a large bowl to hand. This is used to either rinse dishes after washing them, or to keep liquids that you need to put down the drain, if the sink is full of lovely clean washing up water.

Does the kitchen have a working oven & hot plates?

Are there adequate electrical plugs, otherwise you will have to get a power board to attach any extra appliances.

Is the refridgerator space big enough for your fridge? If you haven’t taken a tape measure with you, you will be able to pace the area out with your feet.

One directly in front of the other. Watch that the height is enough also. Use your height for a rough measurement.

Check if there is a ceiling fan, because if you’re cooking you will need to be able to clear the air so the smoke detector doesn’t go off. Some places have extrators or range hoods over the hot plates. They are hopelessly inadequate in most cases and readily get greased up and need cleaning often. It is useful if you have a window you can open. Some kitchens are built into the centre of the room and don’t allow for adequate fresh air to come in. Just a thought to check when you first view the property.

Check that the lighting is good. Sometimes the lights are behind you and you have a dark area when preparing food. This can be solved with purchased overhead lights which can be battery charged, not too good to have too many cords leading to your power board.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be able to bring to you some selections of goods/tools to help with the management of your kitchen.

Cheers, Jae

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