Best Home Water Filter System

Water is our most basic necessity, therefore I ask you the question, Do you trust the water from your tap?

If you have noticed a difference of taste from tap water to bottled water then you might consider a water filter.

Do you understand the additives of chemicals to your water? Some are – chlorine, disinfectants & fluoride.

Check it out whether you think you should be drinking this stuff.

So, you thought instead you would buy bottled water, it’s cheap O.K. but….the cost & energy required to lug huge amounts of water to your home is really quite expensive.

I have tried several types of filters including reverse osmosis recycling. This is an excellent product, however as we are talking about what is good for renters, this is way too difficult. It needs lots of room under the sink, and it needs installing.

We’re talking about engaging a plumber to come to your place to install it. Can be pretty expensive.

I still have mine (under the house) it needs new seals to 3 of the filters. Too heavy to lift and get to a repairer & I hate to think how much that would cost.

Instead, I have bought & have been using for months now, a water distiller. It wasn’t expensive, sits on the bench & gives me 2 jugs of good water every hour.

I run this through another filter jug to remove the slightly metallic taste. Nothing easy in getting good water it seems.

A Britex jug, cheap to buy and the cartridge filters don’t get dirty with the distilled water.

I keep 2 jugs of water on my bench for general cooking & washing food. I also store a container of water which is in case I run out.

But it is so easy to “cook” a couple of jugs of distilled water, I have not had to resort to my saved container, instead I offer it to my daughter.

I use vinegar to clean the stainless steel container inside, which builds up with sludge & mineral deposits and is pretty hard to clean out. However, vinegar is a magic potion, & after soaking for an hour or so, leaves the inside clean & sparkling.

If you are worried that all mineral content has been removed, it is pretty easy to put a mineral supplement into your finished water. The one I use is a sea supplement with ingredients from the ocean water. Only a few drops & you will not taste it.

I would be happy for your feedback, what have you used & how have you gone about the procedure.

Cheers Jae

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